Have a sponsorship proposal you think we need to see? 

Please email: jesse@infamousaero.com



We get a LOT of sponsor requests, and we turn down the majority of them. This is not to say that it's "difficult" to join our sponsor program, but it definitely requires a value exchange. Many people only seek sponsorships to get free/discounted parts - and while this all sounds fine and dandy, we do not hand out free parts without receiving something in return. At the end of the day, we are looking to build a business, and supply as many people as we can with high quality parts. You must understand this, and FACILITATE us in achieving this goal. It is not about what parts you want, or making your car look nicer for free, it is a mutual agreement for business purposes. PLEASE KEEP PROPOSALS BRIEF - we are more likely to read a quick email with a few major points, than a full length novel with every single build detail listed.

What should be included in a proposal?

This depends greatly on what you are offering us, but here are a few things you should probable include:

- Social media links (hyperlink please)

- Sample photo / video content

- A brief description of events and coverage your car will be showing up in.

- A brief introduction of who you are / what you drive. 

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